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The Modern American Shamanism's website is dedicated to bringing the true Northern European/Germanic spiritual traditions back to life. That being said, are goal is to understand how our ancestors lived, how they practiced their spiritual traditions, and how they worked in harmony with nature. We have no idea what "Heathen" spiritual practices would look like today if the Christian church had not come along. 

We want to find the foundation of their spiritual practices and build our modern program off of that. We also want to help other Germanic Pagan/Heathen practitioners to be able to find the information they are looking for in one spot.

This is the main reason Crow Spirit, and I developed Modern American Shamanism.

Working with Nature, Basic Survival and Germanic Shamanism | Facebook

Cost will be $80.00, paid ahead of time. Payment information will be updated soon.

This is an all-pagan event, held at pagan owned land and both instructors are pagan with over 40 years combined in pagan teaching.

This event will be broken up into 2 separate classes. The morning class will cover basic wilderness survival geared to help you feel comfortable in the forest. Skills covered will be methods of fire starting, how to build a simple shelter, foraging for food, and how to find water.

The second class will cover Germanic Shamanism techniques that are best learned in Nature. Shamanic breath work and finding your inner World Tree is where we will start. Then we will move onto understanding and working with the Land Wights as well as your ancestors as protection while performing ritual or traveling in nature. I will share the Germanic meaning of life and the Sacred Promise our ancestors made Mother Earth and how both of these are used in Germanic Shamanism. We will also share our method of Wilderness meditation and the traditional techniques for finding your personal shamanic chant while working with the staff and drum. 

Fredericktown, Missouri


The knowledge that comes down to us maybe fragmented,

but those fragments are there for us to piece back together. We must also put in the work to walk on and experience the path as we piece it back together. Intellectual understanding is not enough, we must develop wisdom in the path we build, as our ancestors once did.

Perseverance, Discipline, Patients!!!


Modern American Shamanism is a group dedicated to learning, developing, practicing, and teaching the Germanic traditions as clearly as possible. We try and understand the old Germanic, Pennsylvania German, Icelandic, and Scandinavian languages as they pertain to the Poetic and Prose Edda.  One of the driving forces in the Edda is a search for knowledge and then how to use it correctly. We try and take this idea to heart.


  A lot of the gods, goddess, giants, creatures, natural elements like the wind, and even the rocks and trees have specific names. In many modern translations these names have been left out or mistranslated. When you know the names of everything in the story the meaning of the story changes. So, without a complete understanding of what is being read the knowledge gained is incomplete.

Fire and Ice Shamanism Program

Check out our new Fire and Ice Shamanism program. It is a complete Northern European tradition. Our first book on this topic has been published. We will be having in-person classes in Farmington, Missouri and on-line classes as well. You can purchase the books for this course at our SHOP page.

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