The Modern American Shamanism's website is dedicated to bringing the true Northern European/Germanic spiritual traditions back to life. Ancient Northern European cultures have always had what is referred to today as shamanic arts.


New Class Series: How to Read the Runes for Divination

Modern American Shamanism's new rune classes, How to Read the Runes for Divination, start July 31, 2022. This will be a three-part class with each class focusing on a single FUTHARK. The other dates are August 21, and September 18.


Information about the classes:


Discover a simple way to unlock the ancient power of runes. In this class you will learn a simple and effective method of learning to read the runes for yourself and others. This class will be broken down into three parts, one class for each futhark. These classes will focus solely on how to use each rune in a rune reading and how to understand them for yourself and translate them for others knowledge.

These classes will be held at Alchemy Gallery Festus.


Modern American Shamanism is a group dedicated to learning, developing, practicing, and teaching the Germanic traditions as clearly as possible. We try and understand the old Germanic, Pennsylvania German, Icelandic, and Scandinavian languages as they pertain to the Poetic and Prose Edda.  One of the driving forces in the Edda is a search for knowledge and then how to use it correctly. We try and take this idea to heart.


  A lot of the gods, goddess, giants, creatures, natural elements like the wind, and even the rocks and trees have specific names. In many modern translations these names have been left out or mistranslated. When you know the names of everything in the story the meaning of the story changes. So, without a complete understanding of what is being read the knowledge gained is incomplete.

Nerthus Project 

 I started milling around the idea of creating the Nerthus Project last year. In fact, three separate things happened in 2016, that motivated me to turn my ideas into something that would be beneficial. The first one happened when my wife and I were talking to a new pagan friend. She would talk about how different St. Louis was and how she wished she could move back to the mountains and be immersed in nature again. The second part hit me this fall when I was working with my son on survival skills. I was repeating the same thing my father had told me, “If you know how to survive in nature and live off the land you have nothing to fear.” (His point was that a good number of people are afraid of being homeless because they only know how to live in cities/modern world.) This reminded me of how disconnected people have gotten from nature. The final part of the equation happened while I was reading Tacitus’s writings about the Germanic Goddess Nerthus. Tacitus referred to Nerthus as “Terra Matter”, or Earth Mother. All three of these came together in my head and generated the idea of the Nerthus Project. 

Jeff (Hooded Wanderer)

Jeff studies Germanic Paganism/Heathen history, spiritual/ritual practices, and traditional forms of meditation and health practices. He also studied herbal skills, survival skills, and European Martial Arts. 

Sandra (Crow Spirit)

Sandra has worked with the Germanic Pagan practices, herbalism, meditation, energetic practices, and stones for decades. She has also studied different forms of meditation and survival skills.

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