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Our Team.

We have spent decades studying and developing our knowledge and skills so we could provide that same level of information to all those interested. We strive to impart that same level of information we wished we had access to when we first started our journey. 

Jeff (Hooded Wanderer) is a Co-Founder of MAS

Jeff’s work in Germanic paganism/Heathen rituals and spiritual practices has led him to develop the Modern American Shamanism program along with his wife Sandra (Crow Spirit). Their goal is to bring the ritual and spiritual practices of the Germanic people into the 21st century. Their work is focused on sharing the Germanic practices with everyone who is interested in understanding where our ancestors left off before the Christian influence. This way, all those interested will have a baseline to launch their personal practices into the future.

Sandra (Crow Spirit) is a  Co-Founder of MAS

Sandra has worked with the Germanic Pagan practices, herbalism, meditation, energetic practices, and stones for decades. Her continued studies have led her to develop Modern American Shamanism with her husband Jeff (Hooded Wanderer). Their goal is to make traditional Northern European traditions and practices available to all who are interested.



Modern American Shamanism accepts people from all walks of life regardless of sex, gender, ability, nationality, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, race, faith, or creed. We embrace our differences and celebrate the uniqueness of others. With a Zero Hate tolerance, Modern American Shamanism will not stand for racism, bigotry, or xenophobia of any kind.

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